DOI meeting notes 6/23/15

The DOI had a check – in last night which included mostly Emma, T8, and Mark, with a little Hila

Emma filled us in on the work that E+T (Emma + Tiana) have been doing, in terms of camp theme, and rituals they are planning for burn week. Linked is the document the DOI uses to track its plans :)

1. Camp theme – “Gnome Is Where the HeArt Is”

– incorporates aspects of camp (home, family, healing, performance/art), and utilizes the unifying factor of Gnomehood

2. Rituals/Ceremonies (can view in doc)

3. Stetson and Annie came up with a distilled mission statement for AY: (work in progress)

“Inspiring personal evolvement through creativity, inclusion, and play.”


4. Holly is working on sticker design

5. Carports to be decorated with painted stencils (also to be designed by Holly) as well as scrap felt (from <3s) mosaics. Can build out the art on the carports each year – continuing to add and evolve with the changing themes.


T8 @ the DOI

CoE Meeting 6/24/15

Mark, Dylan, Hila, Peej, Erez, Mar, Pardo, Alex, T8

1. Peej gave us an overview of the functionality of this new website! Yay!

– It’s made out of wordpress and buddypress, which means that there are a lot of free applications that we can add to it, if anyone has suggestions of additions to the site, they might be possible! Just ask Kyle.

– Also, we are thinking of adding a more streamline photo gallery like Flickr.

2. Circle of Check-Ins (the new format with which we will be beginning our CoE meetings – everyone has a couple minutes to say whatever is on their dome, without comment from the rest of the group)

(these notes are mere snippets, and not verbatim :))

Mark – we’re in a solid place with organization (tilt, website, planning), stoked on the momentum we have going this year, “most exciting year in AY history”

Dylan – it’s easy to forget the main objectives in life as daily mundanity gets in the way, but AY is my favorite community and my family, so I’m excited to continually refocus on this project, I wish I could see everyone in person more often

Hila – excited to be on the Newsletter team – I want to be the point person for getting everyone on the mailing list/helping them see the mail, I want to talk to everyone individually soon

T8 – DOI ceremony/inclusion/decoration plans (notes from last night’s DOI meeting to be posted right after these), my excitement is ramping up as we approach the burn, and I’m here if anyone needs anything!

Mar – been feeling disconnected due to personal stuff in the last few weeks, also feeling isolated in SB, love being in these meetings and seeing everyone, want to be more involved and helpful!

Erez – love hearing everyone’s voices, my life/room is a mess (2 beds?!), showed us his toys – new fire stuff, burn bike, closet pulley system, etc. miss you all!

Pardo – new apartment (I’m a homeowner!), finalized reservation on the reefer truck, got shade cloth below cost (we just need to determine how much we want), worried about Tilt campaign – wondering how many people are actually going to camp with us this year.

Alex – excited about how planning is progressing, thanks to Dylan for reminding me to have fun in this (we are bringing our favorite people together to have an awesome experience <3), looking forward to reading the ethos/mission put forth by the “elder elders”, and incorporating DOI ceremony to express what it means to be Gnomies, also worried about Tilt campaign, excited to see friends and build!

3. Interactivity Department shared the new design for the public sphere

4. Events successfully submitted! Will post to forum.

5. We need to get a clear picture of who is coming and what the budget will look like before it is too late to reserve/cancel.

DOI and Mark are on it!

6. Solar lights! Good idea as they use no generator, and are the same cost as regular lights :)

7. W&W Mgmt (Water and Waste Management)

– Mar offered to take on this job! Will email Mark for details. Yay Mar!!

8. ALSO Mar to be in the DOI “Welcome Wagon” – will be included in next DOI meeting TBD


Love you all and see you at the next CoE meeting!

<3 T8

Individual Check-in at Circle of Elders Meeting


Hope everyone is digging the new website. Wanted to take advantage of this new mode of communication to start something new at this week’s Circle of Elders Meeting. All of the Elders should come to this week’s meeting prepared to give a 2-3 minute check-in to open the circle. This could be anything that’s taking residence in the uppermost part of your brainspace at that moment:

– How you’re feeling about the Avant Yard this year…
– What event you are most excited about…
– Something that has urked you about how something was handled…
– That your SUPER STOKED that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup…

There will be no commenting by the rest of the group on your check-in. It’s your opportunity to express yourself without being commented on or needing to go any deeper than what you’ve just said.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

– Gonzo