DOI meeting notes 6/23/15

The DOI had a check – in last night which included mostly Emma, T8, and Mark, with a little Hila

Emma filled us in on the work that E+T (Emma + Tiana) have been doing, in terms of camp theme, and rituals they are planning for burn week. Linked is the document the DOI uses to track its plans :)

1. Camp theme – “Gnome Is Where the HeArt Is”

– incorporates aspects of camp (home, family, healing, performance/art), and utilizes the unifying factor of Gnomehood

2. Rituals/Ceremonies (can view in doc)

3. Stetson and Annie came up with a distilled mission statement for AY: (work in progress)

“Inspiring personal evolvement through creativity, inclusion, and play.”


4. Holly is working on sticker design

5. Carports to be decorated with painted stencils (also to be designed by Holly) as well as scrap felt (from <3s) mosaics. Can build out the art on the carports each year – continuing to add and evolve with the changing themes.


T8 @ the DOI

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